magnify a problem and indicate a solution, the best practice to create blog article

there are many guidance to blog best practice 
i have read many some of which were intersting like;
Publish content that is useful to your prospects
One offer is not enough ,we want to have an offer that is targeted towards the content of each blog article,we can make as many article as possible to have many offers ,Reader usauly needs more education first .
all guidances concentrate on  blog contents creation and its role in making the blog successful and resulting in lead generation through call to action.

  • Need satisfications and benifits buy:

  • the most important factor in driving sales,is the principle of need satisfication;
around which our blog content has to articulate from one hand ,our call to action has to stand on benifits and not features  on the other hand .

  • what is need satisfication sale?
according to this principle either our customer know thier needs or they donot?
  1. if they know their needs, so they will repond to your offer, becuase your product or service will satisfy thier needs; otherwise they will not follow you 
  2. if they don't know thier needs ;this is the case in which our customer are in need for more educations; about what? about our products or services?
  • in contrast they should be educated about thier needs . here the need is a hiden problem the customer doen't know.for example, his/her web site is'nt optimize?
  • if we take a moment and put ourselvies in a customer place'customer centeric think'
why do you think his / her web site not optimize?
the first answer, may be,  he doesn't know about seo.
so our roles ,as marketing professionals in this case, are the education of such customer about the seo in order to be able to sell our services of seo.

  • we have to find out customers need and optimizing our contents for this sack.
we have to magnify the problems related to our industry which is the educational part of our
content ,so our article will be concentrated on a specific problem.

  • after we had illustrated the problem and representing it in agood maner ,so we have built a need?, we create a need ,in a customer mind ,about the importance of seo, through education in our blog content.
  • the sales are the outcome of our creation to a meaningful and useful content.
  • we have to sell the idea and not the products .the customers will match your products and services according to thier needs .this is the way to build a need.
  • unless you are able to discover and build needs, you will not be able to drive sales .

  • buy benifits and not features:
  • when i have checked  ,the call to action topics, many guidances have been introduced,  of which we have to consider the impact of colours, photos on calls to actions,test different colours ,Trying different colors, fonts and placements is important, and all of this can take some time to test and analyze yourself.

  •  we have to consider that ,we are requeted to mention  a benifit /s of our products and services ,and not features.
  • people buy  benifetits and not features; for example our software was devloped using oracle 10g version .so what?this is a feature , most of the cases the  customers don't know techanical terms , but when we say ;our products can hold data of large business for more than 20 years because it was built using oracle 10 g ;here we use the benifits not feature.

  • remeber need satisfication when you are perpering your  article post at which you will make a call to action for lead generation .
  • you have to mention needs of your customers, and its perferable to mention a need in each blog article  ,but it is important to consider that ;the need  or the problem you introduced has to be solved by your products or services.

  • in summary , you have to educate your customer about seo ,in oredr to be able to sell your services ,if you are working with seo, and  at the call to action you have to mention  a problem solving pharase and indicate the solution by your  service.

first ) 
magnify the problem at the content part 

indicate the problem solving in acall to action offer which is the service you are providing that solve the specific problem 

dr.haroon almadhaji


social media , is it just communication

as we know that social media are  great ways for our communication

if we ask why do we communicate with each other through social media??
of course we need new connections.
we ask for new friends.
we aggregate people in groups and fan pages.
the best practice is to add value to the people joining your group or page .
the people that interact to an invitation to your group or page are looking forward to have something interesting to them ?why they join your group or page ? are they looking for new news about your company or business ??
are they looking for new things ??
if i put my self in a place of my fan and ask my self why i join this or that group ??
is it just to increase the number of fans ?? do all people agree that they increase the number ?
in our view , we have to add a value to our group or pages .
we have to add a service .
we have to add content that representing the value of our creation to pages or groups .
the content is related to what we are trying to educate our industry about.
the content must be related to what we will add to the experiences in a relevant  industry .

 a new questions is rising ? can we separate our use of social media for business purposes, from our personal interest?
haroon almadhaji

The Adventures of Captain Inbound - Episode One